popcorntheory is my escape pod: to run away from literary analyses of books and spend the whole day thinking about films.
it first occurred to me that i could start my own film blog when i had a terrible first day as an intern journalist working on a film review. marooned on an island without much of an imaginative press when it comes to film reviews, i thought that if i couldn’t practice what i think a film review could be, i could at the very least do so here. generally, i don’t think that the people here lack good local or regional films; the problem lies more in the way we approach films here (and the film reviews coming off of the main press here is sadly dismal). perhaps this is rather similar to the predicament of art in singapore then? that is, we have a good roster of artists but the kind of consciousness/sensibility most singaporeans approach art is something that needs an urgent addressing.

this is not to suggest that i do “serious” film review as opposed to “frivolous” writings on film found on the popular press.
i’m not particularly sure what this blog is really for. perhaps it’s a gearing up for something. what though? a future of better film reviews that is to come? maybe this is just a flash in the pan. nothing more.



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